Can Businesses Actually Make The World Better While Making Money?

“Rather than passing over charities or redoubling public or third sector efforts, we believe businesses must merge their organizational expertise with community expertise to best understand where they can have the greatest impact. This approach then enables businesses to take the lead in deciding how to creatively apply their resources and inviting charities and cross-sector organizations to contribute as partners—rather than waiting for such partners to ask businesses to help in some way.”

“We believe businesses of any size or industry possess unique talents and capacities that can be applied toward social change as much as toward making profits. We also believe today’s business leaders are ready to make the leap into the next stage of CSR—to create a world in which the distinction between businesses and social businesses disappears, and the economy becomes dominated by innovative organizations pursuing profitability, sustainability, and social progress together through their work.”

Read the whole piece in Fast Company’s Co.EXIST. 

Can Businesses Actually Make The World Better While Making Money?

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