Launching Question of the Day Posts

Working in the extremely foreign context of social enterprise in low-income communities in India, I’m overwhelmed with questions. I also believe in the power of collaboration and learn so much from those that I share ideas and questions with. In an effort to generate conversation on some of the questions I ask myself while working here, I’m starting an occasional “Question of the Day” post. In these posts, I’ll ask a question about a topic I’ve been thinking about or working on, and I would love your thoughts in the comments or any other communication method you prefer (on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, Skype, etc). Send me your own thoughts, articles or books you’ve read, videos you’ve watched, or anything else related to the topic that we can all learn from. 

To bring in 2012, HBR had an excellent article on 5 resolutions for aspiring leaders. One of them was “ask more questions than you can answer.” I’ve already moved to a new country to work as a volunteer, simultaneously striking two off the list, so here is to tackling three of five.


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