Reading List

I often get asked what I read. I try to follow sites that publish frequently on social enterprise, entrepreneurship, start-ups, education, India, leadership, personal development, business, and collaboration. I also follow some business school, politics, and news websites. I round out my Google Reader list with active reading on a range of topics on Twitter. Of course, I read books too. 

Here are some of my favorite sites related to the topics of this blog: 

Both Sides of the Table (venture capital) 

Collaborative Fund (collaboration)

Cause Integration (CSR)

Dowser (social innovation journalism)

EdSurge (education technology)

Fast Company (business, innovation)

FSG Blogs (collective social impact)

Good Magazine (education, social innovation)

Harvard Business Review (business, leadership)

NextBillion (social enterprise, development)

PluggedIn (start-ups in India)

Re:Focus (business, personal development)  (social entrepreneurship)

TechSangam (social enterprise in India)  (social entrepreneurship)

Yes & Know (collaboration)

YourStory (entrepreneurship in India)

99u (creativity, personal development)

If I’m missing any great sites, let me know

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