For social innovation, you need to try

Via timetobmore:

Yes, people have found a way to criticize OLPC and even consider it a failure.  But, to once again reference the blitz, “Don’t be afraid to fail,” “Fail hard,”  “Make sure it’s legendary.”

The intrinsic success that can’t be taken away from this project, whether or not it has or will succeed in a traditional sense, is that it was conceived and attempted.  We have to think of stuff like this.  While ideas like this are big and crazy, why not try to change the world with laptops?  I mean, really, ask yourself… Why not?  The key word is try.  We have to try to solve these huge, crazy, totally infuriating social issues because what’s the other option?  Sit back and do nothing?

How are we actually going to do anything about these huge issues that we want to change?  Well, maybe we’re not going to do it at all.  Maybe all we’re going to do is be the inspiration for and facilitators of social change, and let the rest happen as it does, confident in the ability of people, our human peers in this world, to help us come up with creative solutions we never could have dreamed of.

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