Social Intrapreneurs Are Just As Important As Entrepreneurs

I think that my dream job would be closer to a systempreneur role than an intrapreneur, although in the end, none of these titles truly matter. 


Like their close cousins, the entrepreneur and intrapreneur, systempreneurs focus on mobilizing resources to tackle challenges and search for innovative new solutions. Instead of focusing on challenges of a new enterprise (as entrepreneurs do) or driving change inside big organizations (as intrapreneurs do), they have their sights set on system-level change.

Systempreneurs and intrapreneurs have moved beyond the notion that external stakeholders are to be herded in periodically and squeezed for whatever they can contribute by way of insight. Instead, they view external organizations—and particularly social enterprises—as potential market enablers and strategic partners. At their best, they tirelessly weave together inside-out and outside-in dynamics to create truly out-of-the-box solutions. 

Social Intrapreneurs Are Just As Important As Entrepreneurs

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