Will Work For


Individuals and communities are asking meaningful questions about whom they will work for, where to spend money and where to spend their time. From artisanal experiments to wild daydreams to viable new business models, passion has come to the foreground of our professional lives.

In venture capital, it used to be enough to see a profitable short-term opportunity and invest, no matter the underlying societal harm in the long term. In business design, talented people would race to manufacture the bestselling good. But things are changing, and people want better.


Will Work For is a design provocation intended to spark a reaction and fuel a conversation. What role does our passion play today in our food, education, and communication? And what if our passion could play an even bigger role in daily life and whole systems of exchange?

We see a chance to remake global institutions as platforms for mentoring, stewardship, and apprenticeship. We see the future in farming and data analytics, in digital prototypes and new energy, in family networks and in education.

We see the future in communities that create and support creation. We see the future in the passions of people just like you. That is how this project came to life — a vision of an alternate present and the inevitable future of work.

Karyn Campbell, Investor

Will Work For

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