Here is a list of my published articles. 

Six strategies to help governments start off on the right foot with Artificial Intelligence, GovTech (reposted from Data-Smart City Solutions)

Artificial intelligence: 6 steps government agencies can take, StateScoop

AI: Coming to a government office near you, Government Innovators Network

Artificial Intelligence for Citizen Services and Government, Harvard Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation

Disruptive competencies for a Cognitive Internet of Things world, IBM [co-author]

Leveraging wearables and the Internet of Things to disrupt, transform, and unlock value, IBM [co-author]

What Millennials are Doing with Millions in Government Funds to Reclaim their Communities, Forbes

Why Millennials and Governments Must Prepare for the Industries of the Future Today, Forbes

The Leadership Growth Experience: A New Way to Think About Volunteering Abroad, Huffington Post [co-author]

We Can Design the Future of Wearables for Social Good, Huffington Post

Development, data, and ethical design for our wearable futures, Wait…What? [co-author]

Smart Organizational Hacks to Speed Up Your Job Search, Brazen Careerist

Cultivating Empathy and Internal Awareness for International Security Actors, The Journal of Culture, Language and International Security

Using Nonprofit Crowdfunding for General Operating Expenses, CauseVox

The Indispensable Guide to Nonprofit Donors, CauseVox (e-guide)

Budgeting Guide for Start-up Nonprofits, CauseVox

4 Traits to Hire for in a Fundraising Professional, CauseVox

Two Killer Methods to Tell a Social Impact Story, CauseVox

How to Convert Donors Into Longtime Supporters, CauseVox

Social Entrepreneurs Need to Think Beyond the Business, Huffington Post

9 Nonprofit Experts to Follow on Twitter, CauseVox

5 Must-Know Tips In Selecting a Nonprofit CRM, CauseVox

5 Good Reasons to Consider Turning Down a Job Offer, The Muse (Reposted on LearnVest)

Is Experience the New Graduate Degree?, Huffington Post

Why Every Social Entrepreneur Needs to Read This Book, Huffington Post

How to Assess a Social Enterprise, Huffington Post

Adding Life to the Days of Terminally Ill Children in India, Huffington Post

Recap: ‘Design for 100%’ Event at SVA, SVA Close Up

What Affordable Private Schools Teach Us About Social Enterprise, E.G. West Centre at Newcastle University (repost)

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions to Find a Job You Actually Like, Brazen Life (Reposted on Business Insider and Idealist)

Why We Need to Fund and Build Leadership Capacity for Start-up Social Entrepreneurs, Huffington Post

Opportunities for MLearning in India, Mobiles for Education Alliance Blog [co-author]

iPads for Schools? Not that simple. Ed-Tech needs “Design Research,” [co-author]

Why Ed-Tech in Private Schools Matters, EduTech Debate [co-author]

NexThought Monday: Ed-Tech Opportunities, [co-author]

Designing Mobiles for Education in India’s Low-Cost Schools, GSMA mLearning Blog [co-author]

Brazen Careerist: Daring Advice on Jobs and Life from 20-Somethings, Brazen Careerist e-book [contributor]

Vipin Thek: Changing Mindsets on Failure to Help Everyone Become a Changemaker,

Education Technology in India: Designing Ed-Tech for Affordable Private Schools, [co-author]

Five Lessons from  a Retail Failure,

Sucre Blue: Empowering Low-Income Communities to Tackle Diabetes,

Together We Stand, Divided We Fail: Hemant Nitturkar and CARMa Venture Solutions,

Kevin F. Adler’s Baby Steps to Success with,

Failure in the Classroom Sparks Innovation with Impact,

Leverage The Failures Of The Past For Greatness In The Future – Steve Hardgrave,

Why You Should Go Out of Your Way to Find an Awesome Peer Mentor, Brazen Life (Reposted on Levo League and Business Insider)

Women and the Internet in India,

Addressing “The F Word” With Shabnam Aggarwal,

Ten Facts about Affordable Private Schools,

SocialStory Announces the Failure Series: “Let’s Celebrate Failure,”

What Indian Girls Don’t Learn, [Guest Post]

Attempting Sustainability,

Atma: Strengthening the Education Sector in India,

Apnalaya: Holistic Community Development in Mumbai Slum,

Bombay Connect: Creating Space for Social Innovators,

Aangan: Ensuring Child Protection and Participation in India,

Invest2Innovate: Building the Social Enterprise Ecosystem in Pakistan,

How to Change Career Fields to Social Innovation,

Why You Should Hire an Intrapreneur, SmartRecruiters Blog

GoodWeave’s Market-based Solution to End Child Labour in India’s Carpet-Weaving Industry,

StartingBloc: Incubating and Connecting Indian Social Innovators,

Giving Voice to Girls in India,

34 Places to Find that New Job: Social Innovators Edition, by Samantha Smith, Forbes [contributor]

Why I Left Washington Politics for Social Enterprise,

8 Unwritten Rules of Job Searching, Brazen Life (Reposted on AOL)

How Millennials Can Create Global Systemic Change, YPFP Blog

Globalization and Politics of Development in the Middle East (Second Edition), by Drs. Clement Moore Henry and Robert Springborg [contributed data analysis and research, 2009]

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